The United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union and therefore the Pet Travel Scheme is no longer a valid way to move animals across the borders of the United Kingdom.

In January 2021 the Export Health Certificate (EHC) was introduced to replace the Pet Passports and the Pet Travel Scheme. Fundamentally these schemes are very similar but these certificates are not valid longterm like the passports where. They need to be applied for with plenty of time prior to your planned travel and you will need to have your destination details in order to apply for a EHC as this cannot be changed once the EHC has been issued. Your dog, cat or ferret will still require a rabies vaccination at least 28 days before travel and they must be microchipped. The EHC must then be filled out by an Official Veterinarian within a week of your departure date. Currently we are not offering this service.

For more information or to apply for a EHC, please visit and search for Export Health Certificate.